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Saturday, 2008-06-28

In this new video, Julia is wearing a bikini and gives her Anglo-Arabian competition horse a good workout including some galloping.



Thursday, 2008-06-26

A new large gallery with women in dressage.




Saturday, 2008-06-21

Francy inspired by the family's branding iron. And look at the one-of-a-kind spurs she wears!
Visit the newest gallery of Andrea & Francy.



Wednesday, 2008-06-18

For our fans of riding mistress Nina, again a new video that 'delivers'.




Saturday, 2008-06-14

A new gallery with super-erotic photos of horse dominatrix Julia riding nude on Hercules.



Wednesday, 2008-06-11

New video with Kamlai riding bareback on her beach pony.





Saturday, 2008-06-07

New gallery with sexy Jana on a Pinto horse.



Thursday, 2008-06-05

New video with our caballeras Andrea and Francy.


Saturday, 2008-05-31

A new gallery with Kamlai, the super sweet pony riding babe.
In wet skintight jeans, enjoying the rhythmic ride on her slave mount at a hidden beach:
"Lucky Beach Towel"



Wednesday, 2008-05-28

A new hot video with Nina, our most severe Thai rider. Online only until Friday.



Saturday, 2008-05-24

Andrea and Francy get ready for the horseback ride.
Mucho erotico!!! (new gallery)


Wednesday, 2008-05-21

New dressage riding fetish video (7')



Saturday, 2008-05-17

The last gallery of Elena (at least until our next photo shooting with her), and one of the best!

A blonde princess in a black nylon miniskirt and high heels rides on her magnificent black stallion, her own (real life!) private sub. "The Beauty and the Beast" photographed in a powerful way that will lay you down.



Wednesday, 2008-05-14

These Colombian riding girls are so hot. Andrea and Francy are taking showers, the horses already wait outside.


Saturday, 2008-05-10

Nam is back with a new hot bareback pony riding gallery.


Low pony, high mountain (and a strong riding girl)


Wednesday, 2008-05-07

Andrea and Francy on the eve of their big horseback riding day. Video final part.



Saturday, 2008-05-03

Gigantic pictures of Julia riding on a gigantic horse.
Enjoy this new naked riding gallery.


Awesome captures


Wednesday, 2008-04-30

As Andrea & Francy are waking up at the horse property, our photographers are already with their thumb on the shutter release. Make sure the hotness of these mujeres doesn't burn your computer display (especially when shown as fullsize pictures). You have been warned, anyway.


Saturday, 2008-04-26

Watch how Kamlai's wet ponyride gets messier and messier the deeper she rides into the surf, until... Enjoy the fun. Download this brandnew clip and 1000's of other great riding pictures and videos.



Wednesday, 2008-04-23

Sensational Andrea and Francy!
The second introductionary video and new vip preview pictures added today.



Saturday, 2008-04-19

Here is the first video with Andrea and Francy from Colombia (19/21 y.o. at that time).
A great fan of our website generously invited us for this production on his sumptuous (horse) property. At this time no previews of these ladies are shown in the free area (they can only be watched by our members). One thing is sure: These are two of the best looking Latina girls we have ever seen.



Wednesday, 2008-04-16

Here is a hot new gallery of our popular dressage ladies series.



Saturday, 2008-04-12

Ok horsies, it's time for real work again, to please the Mistress! Nina the uncompromised rider who knows what she wants. Action! New long video.


Wednesday, 2008-04-09

Enjoy the second gallery with Jana today.



Saturday, 2008-04-05

In this new gallery, sweet Kamlai is taking a little rest on the back on her devoted beach pony, after a wet ride full of sensations.


Does it like her feet?

Wednesday, 2008-04-02

Today we have a great new nude riding video featuring Julia trotting bareback on Hercules.



Saturday, 2008-03-29

Riding Fantasy is happy to introduce Jana in today's update. Jana is a very attractive girl (in fact she lives not too far from Elena). Jana has always loved horses. A girl from a nearby barn offered her to try out Western Riding on one of their horses. First gallery!



Wednesday, 2008-03-26

Bareback pony riding girl in skintight wet jeans, with spurs on her naked ankles.
She takes different positions while riding. -->
New video from the series Kamlai Beachrides.

Pony riding fetish girl


Saturday, 2008-03-22

Wow! Check out this new gallery with Sheila on a beach in the Dominican Republic.
As always, the pictures are in breathtaking HR quality for members.
+ Two new polls in the VIP polls-section.



Wednesday, 2008-03-19

A fully geared riding mistress riding bareback on her black stallion. Enjoy today's great new video with Nina!




Get full access to all the contents



Saturday, 2008-03-15

Watch the last - very sensual - part of our first movie with Elena.

Since her very first exclusive appearance at Riding Fantasy, Elena has become a universally admired riding cult legend, more precisely the perfect - and genuine - incarnation of the 'riding princess'-type. We from Riding Fantasy are very grateful for the friendship with her and we wouldn't be surprised if she invited us to exclusively document another riding adventure of her in the future.

Elena (on her own Arabian) - a true riding legend




Wednesday, 2008-03-12

A new extra-long dressage video.



Saturday, 2008-03-08

Enjoy this new extra hot gallery with Eve on her little pony. She is wearing her beloved platform boots.



Wednesday, 2008-03-05

A Thai girl in jodhpurs riding an elephant on its neck like a pro. (video, last part)



Saturday, 2008-03-01

Two naked girls on a horse having a great time - in the midst of winter. They share their happiness in 45 new pics.



Thursday, 2008-02-28

A sweet ponybabe riding bareback in wet skintight jeans.
Kamlai Beachrides episode 11.



Wednesday, 2008-02-27

Kamlai Beachrides episode 10.
This video will be online today only, then replaced by episode 11.



Saturday, 2008-02-23

Discover today's new gallery "Nina the White Flame 2"... and the class and high aesthetic standard typical for Riding Fantasy.


Wednesday, 2008-02-20

Julia is riding topless in skintight jodhpurs and ridingboots on her sport horse. Then she gets off the horse and tries a headscissor lock with it...



Sunday, 2008-02-17

Tiger eyes, silky skin, and a toned butt - don't miss Sheila's newest horsey gallery.


"I'm too sexy for my nag."

Wednesday, 2008-02-13

A new gallery for the fans of female dressage riding. In the "Places" subcategory alone members can currently find over 1.400 exclusive photos + videos of women at riding competitions.



Saturday, 2008-02-09

A new saddleless riding fetish video with riding domina Nina has been added today.



Wednesday, 2008-02-06

Free nude horseback riding, being one with the horse - Our blonde Bavarian riding fairy obviously enjoys it. (New gallery)


Saturday, 2008-02-02

Good boy - this is intense stimulation!
Elena having a ride on her all-time darling....
(New video)



Wednesday, 2008-01-30

Never before Elena revealed herself as much as in this new high-resolution set.
The flawless body of an authentic real life equestrian girl. She is ready to take it in, all from you.



Saturday, 2008-01-26

A hot new beachriding video with Kamlai.




Wednesday, 2008-01-23

New Women in Dressage video - Lady 5



Saturday, 2008-01-19

New naturist gallery with Eve and her pony Ferrari: Back in Paradise Vol. 2



Wednesday, 2008-01-16

Nina in complete control over her mount.
Powerful legs and deep bareback seat. Gentle use of the spurs and the riding crop. In short: A great new video you won't want to miss.
+ 3 new VIP polls added.



Sunday, 2008-01-13

Elephant riding girl, part 3



Saturday, 2008-01-12

Elephant riding girl in jodhpurs, part 2.
This video will only be online today, then it will be replaced by part 3.


Wednesday, 2008-01-09

Today we present the second gallery of Sheila on her beachhorse.

A member writes:
(...) and congratulations for you last update! Sheila is indeed a very hot girl! Keep up the good work.



Men can crumble
in her sight.


Saturday, 2008-01-05

For all fans of naturism on horseback!
Here's a new nude riding video with Julia. She rides Fanny at a fast trot. For those new to this site, Julia is both a beautiful woman and a high calibre professional rider.



Wednesday, 2008-01-02

Riding Fantasy wishes you a happy and peaceful New Year.
Today's new gallery: Lady dressage 29



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