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Sunday, 2007-12-30

Nina the White Flame 1
Don't miss this awesome first gallery of her.
Remember what Nina told about her mission three weeks ago.



Wednesday, 2007-12-26

New video: Kamlai beachrides 8



Saturday, 2007-12-22

Riding Fantasy presents:
New exclusive riding girl Sheila.
The question here is: How 'hot' can hot be?

1st gallery today with Sheila on her nag. Surrender and worship the sweet load of her tender ass.

Pictures are 1600 pixels on the longer side like all our new productions.



Wednesday, 2007-12-19

New Women in Dressage video - Lady 4
Members can also enjoy the updated VIP Preview and X-mas Special areas.




Sunday, 2007-12-16

A new gallery with our sweet pony riding babe Kamlai. Riding relaxes the female pelvic floor, and juices are flowing.



Wednesday, 2007-12-12

This new gallery shows one time for all: Elena is a damn sexy beast even w/out horse.



Sunday, 2007-12-09

Sawadee, greetings to y'all !! My name is Nina and I am the new girl of the Riding Fantasy elite amazons.
My mission is to perform glorious hard riding for His Majesty the King of Riding... revealing the more lustful and unforgiving sides of my riding nature only in the restricted area of this site.


First video with Nina today. You can take her at her word!

Wednesday, 2007-12-05

It's Elena's Day again! A new exclusive video with the web's favorite riding princess.



Sunday, 2007-12-02

Enjoy free naked horseriding with Julia on her golden Haflinger in today's new gallery... Amazing power combined with erotic beauty.

Huge pictures with great detail: The standard of our exclusive productions. See a sample.


Wednesday, 2007-11-28

Watch this trained riding girl riding an elephant on her own. She rides on its neck wearing white jodhpurs.



Saturday, 2007-11-24

Our members can see a new large dressage riding gallery in the Places section.



Wednesday, 2007-11-21

A pretty Thai girl (Kamlai) is riding bareback on her beach pony. She is enjoying the soft breeze ...and the rhythmic movements of her mount's back. She knows: Riding is hot.



Saturday. 2007-11-17

A nice video with a new dressage lady.



Wednesday, 2007-11-14

A new video with Julia riding nude on Fanny (at a trotting pace). Very erotic!

Two letters from an Englishman:
Hello, The website is great. The horseback riding pictures
are creative and erotic...Are you going to post the
women on elephants soon?
(- Yes, the first gallery of female Elephant riding is online now. Videos are coming soon.) That series I'll look forward to. Keep up the creative work. J.

About Julia he writes:

Kris, The women are great equestrian riders!! I also think the website is educational in riding form w/horse. The one riding Hercules (Julia) is really experienced in handling a horse. I like her cute accent too. lol
That horse Hercules is that a Clydesdale or a Belgian draft? The feathering is the best I've seen on a draft. I can see taking him for a photo shoot on a beach scene w/Julia riding. The surf and wind could make for some hot pictures. J.



Saturday, 2007-11-10

Puma Swede, the most famous (and probably the most gorgeous) Swedish porn star, went horseback riding in Mexico past September, at the invitation of our friend Madame. Members of Riding Fantasy can see the exclusive uncensored pre-release of her sexy horseback pictures. Watch her "doing it" with the saddle horn or take your place behind her and "do her"...


Puma Swede - Gorgeous ass, thighs and boobs on saddle.
Now at Riding Fantasy -
Thank you Puma!


Thursday, 2007-11-08

Riding student Bernadette from France is enjoying herself. (new gallery in the More Models section)



Sunday, 2007-11-04

Eve - Welcome to our riding girls!

First gallery with our new girl Eve (Eva). She is from Germany and loves nature.




Thursday, 2007-11-01

A fantastic new video with Elena has been uploaded today.




Sunday, 2007-10-28

We from Riding Fantasy love to often explore new possibilities.
Here's a little gallery showing the original and sexy outcome of our first "elephant affair". Girls on moving mountains. Or similar.
Find it out by yourself !



Members can also see a preview picture of our newest exclusive small pony riding woman.

Some gossip:
Check out this blog entry by Madame, one of the many female fans of Riding Fantasy and a well known adult web and lifestyle mistress. (This summer she almost joined a photo shooting for our site in Mexico, but the wheater was too hot for her riding and we had to cancel the shooting with her at the last minute. However, we have many other horseback riding projects (also in South America) under development.)
Somebody told us about
this entry from another blog (picture added with our permission).


Thursday, 2007-10-25

Julia riding on chestnut Fanny - First gallery! If you like nude women on horseback, you WILL like this new gallery. Awesome gigantic pictures.



Sunday, 2007-10-21

A Thai girl bareback pony riding in wet skintight jeans - yummy! (new video)



Thursday, 2007-10-18

Kamlai deep in the saddle at the beach! (new gallery)

A new section with polls about our riding girls has been installed in the members area. 5 members only polls are up for now.



Sunday, 2007-10-14

A new video in the Places section - 6+ minutes of dressage riding filmed from the "right angle".



Thursday, 2007-10-11

A fun audition video with a Thai girl in white jodhpurs, where she also rides her pony while sitting backwards.



Sunday, 2007-10-07

In today's new video, Julia is stripping down her tight jodhpurs while riding, because her riding is just so incredibly hot! A deep dressage saddle, well-worn jodhpurs, expensive hot ridingboots, firmly attached spurs... the perfeclty fitting pleasure tools of a genuine German riding domina.



Thursday, 2007-10-04

A new "insider" gallery with ladies in dressage competitions.




Sunday, 2007-09-30

Our members can enjoy today's new exclusive gallery with breathtaking pictures of Elena on her Arabian stallion.




Get full access to all the contents



Thursday, 2007-09-27

The first video of Julia riding on Fanny, a brown mare she has never ridden before. Julia immediately knows to be the leader of the mightiest horses, even completely naked and without a saddle. She jumps effortlessly from the ground onto Fanny's back as if it was a pony, then has a joy ride on it.



Sunday, 2007-09-23

At the barn Elena decided to show some more skin. Enjoy this new gallery of 50 ultra-large pictures.
The gallery also contains never seen before topless pictures of her. (More Models-section)


Thursday, 2007-09-20

A superb new bareback beach riding video with Kamlai. She is breaking little by little the pony's fear of water.



Monday, 2007-09-17

Thai girl Kamlai rides deep in the saddle on her pony. (new gallery)



Friday, 2007-09-14

A new series of high quality dressage videos is starting today. Each video is about a different riding lady. Enjoy the 6+ min. video of the 1st lady.



Sunday, 2007-09-09

Enter the newest amazing gallery with Julia nude bareback riding. More than just pictures but a feast for your eyes!
Our super size pictures (1600 x 1200 pixel) allow you to examine and enjoy every detail of sensual female riding, to a degree which only Riding Fantasy is able to offer you.



Thursday, 2007-09-06

A new video with our perfect riding goddess Elena riding bareback on her Arabian stallion. One her best episodes so far!



Sunday, 2007-09-02

A new video with Julia where she shows us her classical dressage skills. She's riding in a bikini on her own competition horse. Watch a short free sample clip of today's update.


Click here for a short sample clip!


Thursday, 2007-08-30

Hot hot hot! Ana with a silky nylon skirt on her little pony. Note her strong smooth legs. Enjoy this new gallery...



Monday, 2007-08-27

A new large gallery with dressage riding ladies.



Friday, 2007-08-24

A new video with hot dressage lady Julia riding topless on her purebred horse.



Monday, 2007-08-20

Discover more great sights of riding Kamlai in today's new video episode.



Thursday, 2007-08-16

Enjoy this stunning new gallery with Kamlai bareback on her pony with skin-tight wet jeans and her sweet thighs pressing against the pony's back, not to mention the obligatory spurs on her bare feet ! The outstanding resolution of the pictures allows you to contemplate each of these details as if you were on scene.



Monday, 2007-08-13

A new dressage riding video in the Places-section.
At the end of a long warming-up ride, the beautiful lady gets her boots and the harness cleaned from sweat while remainig in the saddle...



Thursday, 2007-08-09

A beautiful new gallery where you can see Julia nude bareback riding on Hercules.




Sunday, 2007-08-05

She wears a skirt and rides bareback on her black Arabian Stallion:
Enjoy a new video episode with Elena ...


Elena riding


Saturday, 2007-08-04


Two new DVDs are available at the Video Store:

Kamlai 1

Hot beach action rides.
Rider: Kamlai

This DVD is worth every penny.

Table of content:
Fast Pony - Wet Fun - Lucky Towel - On Saddle - Self-Assertion - Evening Gallop - Specials: Bonus Scene (Steep Ride) - Slideshow 1, Slideshow 2, Slideshow 3

Clips from this DVD inside the member's area!



Women in Dressage 3

The third installment of our well known dressage-series.

This DVD contains 14 chapters of 14 different ladies at a riding competition. 80 minutes of high quality footage filmed from different angles. Beautiful ladies, disciplined horses and perfect weather. Lots of closeups to the leg- and spurwork.

Thursday, 2007-08-02

Here's a new video with Julia galloping in bikini on her Anglo-Arabian stallion.




Sunday, 2007-07-29

In today's new gallery, this strong-legged horsegirl in a sexy short skirt is riding bareback on her pony.



Thursday, 2007-07-26

Enjoy this new video episode where Kamlai is galloping along the beach.


Sunday, 2007-07-22

A new dressage riding gallery with nice boots and some good leg action.



Thursday, 2007-07-19

Nude horseback riding Julia is trotting on Hercules in today's new video.



Sunday, 2007-07-15

This weekend our members can enjoy a very, very unique new gallery. It's called tempting carrots...


New extra-large picture size
1200 x1600 pixel.



Wednesday, 2007-07-11

This new video has been taken during an audition with Kik by a local crew member. We found it quite funny!



Tuesday, 2007-07-10



After yesterday's release of Julia 2, here's another new DVD available at the Video Store:

Julia Dog Fetch
Pet Mistress Julia plays fetch with her two dogs
Running time: 35 minutes

Monday, 2007-07-09



New DVD available at the Video Store:

Julia 2 "The Nudist"
(Nude on Haflingers)
Running time: 39 minutes

- Superior image quality
- Best scenes only
- Carefully edited
- High aesthetic standard
- Behind the scenes
- Slideshows

Order now.

Sunday, 2007-07-08

She can't get enough, riding is her pleasure. Female coolness on sweating "sub". New video in the Places section.


Tuesday, 2007-07-03

Today Double Update!
Ana is having "a little issue" with her small Arabian pony Ferrari. Will she succed in straddling it? (great new gallery)

Today's second update:

Ana and Ferrari


Elena trotting on her splendid black Arabian horse through the wood (new video)



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