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Wednesday, 2007-06-27

Kamlai is a very pretty and natural girl, who's riding abilities are beyond questioning.
In today's new video she's galloping along the beach.



Bareback and
belly button free !


A little note to our (animal-) friends: This site is about beautiful equestrian women and equestrian fantasy. It is not about cruelty. We from RidingFantasy.com are very committed to the well being of the pets that appear during our photo -and video-sessions. They are all either owned by us or by our exclusive models (some of them are accomplished riders taking part in high class riding competitions), so we can assure that the horses are always treated in highest respect and love and well cared for in the most equine-friendly environment, not only during the sessions. Needless to say, no animal has been harmed or hurt in the making of any of our fantasy-productions.

Sunday, 2007-06-24

It's sooo much fun riding a pony in a skirt! (And so sexy to look at...)
Members can enjoy this very nice new gallery from Kik! Large, crispy pictures.


Thursday, 2007-06-21

First video with expert rider Julia trotting and galloping on her Anglo-Arab in a bikini !!



Sunday, 2007-06-17

The first gallery with Julia riding on Hercules. 24 excellent pictures



Saturday, 2007-06-16

Here's a new video with Julia riding naked on Hercules, a tall golden-maned horse. For many fans, Julia is the ultimate amazon.



Sunday, 2007-06-10

Girl in jodhpurs riding bareback on pony. You can tell our Thai riders got temperament... (new video)


Thursday, 2007-06-07

A new large gallery with ladies dressage riding.



Monday, 2007-06-04

Julia (topless and in jodhpurs!) is heeling her horse to a joyful speedy gallop. The ground is trembling under the thundering of the hooves, and the distances can't be big enough. (new video)



Thursday, 2007-05-31

This woman is reading a book while she's getting visited by a real wildcat. Enjoy the second gallery of this amazing setting today !



Sunday, 2007-05-27

Worshippers of Elena are particularly impatient regarding new updates of 'their' riding goddess, and this for good reason. This time their waiting time has been short. (Elena Video #22)



Thursday, 2007-05-24

Kamlai is taking a stimulating bareback ride along the beach. The spurs give her comfort and security while she enjoys the fresh breeze. (New gallery)


Sunday, 2007-05-20

Watch a new video with Riding Princess Elena.



Thursday, 2007-05-17

This young lady is exceptional! She works her horse like a clockwork. Under the dictatorship of her legs and riding tools all living creature becomes a slave of her perfect dominance. Check out her newest video episode in the Places section.


Sunday, 2007-05-13

See Julia in bikini on her horse in today's new gallery.


A member writes:
"This is the best riding website online !!
I like the artistic (erotic) photos of those beautiful models riding horses.
My choice would be a nude model riding an elephant through the woods or on a beach !!
That would be a creative alternative to your great website.

Happy Trails

Oh, and the model riding the blonde draft horse...Fantastic !!"

Dear John, the elephant riding ladies are coming soon! For a preview, check out the most recent addition in the VIP preview.
To everyone who is reading this and who is not yet familiar with this site: Most ladies we work with are not "models" in a conventional sense. Some of them are accomplished horsewomen and / or are occupied with horses on a daily base. So apart from the 'artistic' aspect, there is a good deal of realism and passionate horsewomanship of different kind within the mixture which gives this site its rich and unique flavor.


Thursday, 2007-05-10

For all the fans of Natasha and Nicole, here is a new nude riding gallery of these amazing ladies.


Sunday, 2007-05-06

Today's new video will blow your mind.
It's called special trailer and it's a compilation of incredibly hot hhbr scenes by Kik and Nam.



Thursday, 2007-05-03

Thin skirts + double ride + crop 'n spurs
= extra fun for our horseloving girls. Watch their joyful wild riding in this new video.
This video will only be online until Monday!



Sunday, 2007-04-29

A sexy nude bareback riding video with Julia trotting on Hercules. It also includes nice camera angles from below.



Thursday, 2007-04-26

A fine new gallery with ladies riding in dressage competitions.



Monday, 2007-04-23

First video with Kamlai (19), riding bareback on her little pony. What a sweet looking girl she is.

With the updates of Kamlai, the average size of the gallery pictures is becoming even bigger, and also the average duration of the online-videos is getting even longer. Also the member's area is getting bigger and bigger, while the membership fee remains still the same. Don't wait, profit now.



Thursday, 2007-04-19

A new video with Julia riding in a fast gallop on her stallion.


Sunday, 2007-04-15

Hard and Tender.... New Exclusive Riding Girl Kamlai
Her First Gallery Today !!!


Thursday, 2007-04-12

For all those who think that leg fetish and pony riding is a wonderful combination, this new gallery is a feast for the eyes.



Sunday, 2007-04-08

"Wanna lick my feet?" Elena's jokingly asking our cameraman. Her new video is about the intimate relationship with her horse and ---footfetish!


Friday, 2007-04-06

Blondie cowgirl: A new gallery with 113 pictures.


Sunday, 2007-04-01

Nam really kicks ass.... She's a kick ass kicker, more than ever in today's new video !! In addition, she much enjoys the possibilities of the riding crop.





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Friday, 2007-03-30


Two new DVDs are available at the Video Store:

Julia 1 (on her Anglo-Arabian stallion)


Kai Beach Ride 1 (male riding) from our sister-site RidingBoy.com

Both DVDs are:
- Superior image quality
- Only best scenes
- Carefully edited
- Well-structured
- Reasonably

Wednesday, 2007-03-28

Julia is trotting on Hercules in the nude, while her beautiful long golden hair is moving in the rhythm of the gait. A hot summer day's dream!



Sunday, 2007-03-25

A new large gallery with ladies riding dressage.



Thursday, 2007-03-22

The last video of the Ana Video Days today is extra long ... and online for one day only.



Wednesday, 2007-03-21

Third video of the Ana Video Days today... Thursday it will be replaced by the next one.


Tuesday, 2007-03-20

Second video of the Ana Video Days today... Wednesday it will be replaced by the next one.


Monday, 2007-03-19

Today begin the Ana Video Days - a new video update EVERY DAY, online for one day only!
First video of the Ana Video Days today... Tuesday it will be replaced by the next one.

Thursday, 2007-03-15

This girl enjoys her power over her mount. Her smooth legs form a tight grip around its back, giving her full control. And you don't want to miss the moment when she is getting on the small pony with her skirt... (New high-res gallery)


Sunday, 2007-03-11

A new, very sexy dressage video for our members in the Places section.



Thursday, 2007-03-08

A new gallery with powerful mistress Julia on her racehorse, a 600 kgs of pure horsepower ready to run! Apart from being gorgeous, this mistress's calm, self-controlled attitude has brought her many worshippers and is typical for the accomplished horsewoman that she is.



Sunday, 2007-03-04

Riding can be pure (erotic) poetry.
Today's new video episode proves it again.


Elena: Always stunning


Thursday, 2007-03-01

A cowgirl hottie on a pickup! (vol. 2, new XXL gallery)



Sunday, 2007-02-25

In this new video, Nam first rides in a skirt, then in jodhpurs. Wild pony riding fun by a girl who truly loves dominating.



Click here for preview clip !
Click on picture
for a short sample clip
of today's new video.


Thursday, 2007-02-22

Too hot dressage - literally ! Watch this new video with Julia riding topless in jodhpurs and riding boots, with spurs and her dressage crop... so hawt !!



Sunday, 2007-02-18

A new gallery with women riding dressage.



Thursday, 2007-02-15

Julia is riding naked on Hercules along a public path. A nice video of her seat and her legwork.



Sunday, 2007-02-11

Enjoy this excellent new gallery with Ana in a black silky skirt on Ferrari. Wow, wow...! Her strong thighs against the pony's shiny coat are an absolute eye catcher.


Thursday, 2007-02-08

Watch the final video episode of Natasha and Nicole: Delightful sensual double riding in the nude !



Sunday, 2007-02-04

A new video with Riding Princess Elena riding bareback and in skirt on her magnificent Arabian stallion.



Thursday, 2007-02-01

Ultrasexy pony riding + most exciting camera angles + LARGE, sharp pictures !
A new juicy Kik-and-Nam-Red-Pony Double-Riding-Triple-Pleasure-Gallery.



Sunday, 2007-01-28

A great new freestyle double riding video with Kik and Nam has been added to the Member's area today.



Thursday, 2007-01-25

A nice young lady riding a "Traversale" in a very collected gallop while she constrains the horse's neck into its curved position. At the end the horse gets so sweaty that she orders her stable boy to remove the white foam...


New video in Places section

Sunday, 2007-01-21

Hot hot hot !! Julia in her red competition jacket and shiny black riding boots on her Arab. Don't miss this superb new gallery with fantastic pictures. Some of the finest and most provocative photographs ever made of a national level competition rider.



Friday, 2007-01-19

Today, our dear members can already watch Part Two of Julia's dressage test, in which Julia performs amongst else a perfect halfpass and a highly unconventional movement at the very end... watch it for yourself !
Part One from yesterday will be removed until Monday. Don't wait any longer !


Thursday, 2007-01-18

With the dressage arena in her mind, national level competition rider Julia and her Anglo-Arabian improvise a dressage test for Riding Fantasy. Today: Part One.

The test criteria: Rhythm and Regularity (Takt), Relaxation (Losgelassenheit), Contact (Anlehnung), Impulsion (Schwung), Straightness (Geraderichtung) and Collection (Versammlung).



Sunday, 2007-01-14

A busty cowgirl is going to show you everything !
96 new extralarge pics.



Thursday, 2007-01-11

Nam is riding bareback in skirt, with backwards riding and sharp curves ! Fast action ! Nam's talons are the fear of every pony ! Don't miss this new video episode...



Sunday, 2007-01-07

A very erotic new gallery with Julia and the Haflingers.

A member writes: "Your website is great...The horses and beautiful women horseback riding is very artistic and erotic...I like Julia and Hercules !!"



Thursday, 2007-01-04

Oh yeah, it's prime time again for Ana and the lil' pony. (Who said Russian women cannot be gentle?)



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