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Sunday, 2006-12-31

Today, Daeng presents the first gallery of her riding bareback in skirts ! See her also when she mounts and dismounts her "poor nag" !
With this bold update we say goodbye to 2006 and look forward to a promising 2007, again full of exciting riding news !! Happy new Year !!!!



Friday, 2006-12-29

A new very hot riding video with Riding Princess Elena on her black Arabian stallion. And yes, if we say "her stallion" we mean "her own stallion".



Sunday, 2006-12-24

This hot-blooded Thai Amazon does some impressive bareback mountain climbing on pony for us. She obviously knows how to ride !


Xmas video



Thursday, 2006-12-21

40 fantastic new pictures of ladies in dressage competitions....


Sunday, 2006-12-17

Julia, Juuuuuliaaa !

Her newest video episode is online now.



A member writes: "Congratulation pour votre site. Beaucoup de jolies cavalières. J'ai une question. Sera-t-il possible de voir un jour la belle Julia monter nue à cheval avec selle anglaise et étriers? C'est une très bonne cavalière et je suis sûr qu'elle sait faire de la vraie équitation (dressage ou saut) en étant nue. Encore félicitations."
Riding Fantasy replies: "Thanks for your compliments. (...) Soon Julia will also ride nude on saddle on her Anglo Arab, including professional dressage. Greetings"


Thursday, 2006-12-14

In the savannah, in the middle of nowhere, a naked blonde chick peacefully chilling with a real wildcat.

You have to see the entire gallery to believe it. Simply stunning.


Sunday, 2006-12-10

Riding Mistress Julia on her Anglo-Arab stallion !
In today's new video, she takes off from a standstill directly into a very fast gallop, without special aids !! This is something only very confirmed equestrians can achieve. Watch it by yourself....


Thursday, 2006-12-07

Watch this very hot dressage girl, how she lets her sweaty stallion work under her during a hard training, and how she makes him feel thankful for her total victory.

(new video episode in the Places section)



Sunday, 2006-12-03

Susanne and her pony are back with 29 new pictures!
After a hike, they both enjoy the midday sun.



Thursday, 2006-11-30

Here's the first bareback riding video with Nam.
Be prepared for very impressive "Thai legwork".




Sunday, 2006-11-26

In today's new and exciting video episode, Riding Princess Elena moves her spread thighs against her horse's withers like melting butter against... watch it for yourself !



Thursday, 2006-11-23

Daeng beach action ride part 9 (in a short skirt)
56 pictures



Sunday, 2006-11-19

The Ana and the Beige Pony video part 4 has been added today.

A member writes:
"Great videos and pics..very impressive equipment and horses. M."



Thursday, 2006-11-16

Here is again a sweet double riding update, this time with two naked young European ladies.
Double ride = double pleasure !



Sunday, 2006-11-12

In today's new gallery, Kik and Nam are riding together on one sturdy little pony !
They both wear miniskirts and the combined pressure of their butts and thighs fills out every millimeter of the saddle....



Thursday. 2006-11-09

Today, we've yet another update for you, the third within the past 6 days....
40 new pictures in the "Places" -section with strict riding action.



Tuesday, 2006-11-07

A new video episode with Julia riding a Hercules in the nude.



Riding Fantasy also counts numerous brilliant ladies amongst its fans and regular members! One of them is Madame, a serious lifestyle Dominate. Visit her blog.


Saturday, 2006-11-04

A soft brown saddle, a simple pair of cowboy boots n' spurs on a naked young lady ....
68 new high-res pictures in the "More models" -section.



Thursday, 2006-11-02

In this new video, Julia jumps and gallops on her big boy. She is wearing nice ridingboots with spurs (that boy's got to work!), as well as skintight black jodhpurs and a skintight pink top, underlining the shape of her firm body.



Sunday, 2006-10-29

Watch HER riding along a small lake in a beautiful scenery. (New video)


Riding Goddess Elena


Thursday, 2006-10-26

Ana (in mini skirt) is having some heated discussion with Ferrari....
(New gallery)


31 new pics

Sunday, 2006-10-22

In today's new video episode, Julia rides on Hercules completely in the nude and without a saddle.

Hercules is said to be a thick-skulled and a difficult horse even for good riders, but Julia is actually driving him like a car (with full control over speed, gaits and direction), and guess what, it's her first ride on him !


Thursday. 2006-10-19

A stud director's daughter without inhibitions....
(New gallery)



Sunday, 2006-10-15

Discover a new video with our fun riding girls Kik & Nam today.... So refreshing!


Thursday, 2006-10-12

A new video episode with Natasha and Nicole nude on horseback in hot lesbian action.



Sunday, 2006-10-08

A new gallery with Elena added today !!!
We think: One of the most beautiful riding princesses, ever.

Another exclusive Riding Fantasy production !

A Dutchman writes:
"Hello, Elena is also my favorite.
Great in everything; her riding, het attitude, her body and her sit. Is there a video with her? I like to buy it. Greetings, J."

"Hi J., Thanks for your comments about Elena. Yes, there is also a full-length DVD with her. You can buy it in our video store. - Kris"


Thursday, 2006-10-05

Discover another video of this very hot Spanish dressage rider (Places section)....


Sunday, 2006-10-01

We asked Julia if we could make some natural nude pictures just of her and the horses, without riding. She agreed. We were very excited by the scenery and by her poses which made us think of certain old French paintings - But the most impressing was her own beauty*) !

*) as documented in the intimate pictures of today's new gallery.



Get full access to all the contents



Thursday, 2006-09-28

In today's new video episode, Julia gives a good workout to her €40'000 Anglo-Arab (including some jumping).


Damn sexy rider!


Sunday, 2006-09-24

New super high-res photo gallery with Kik on her pony today !



Thursday, 2006-09-21

Enjoy this new video episode with the famous riding princess Elena on her black Arabian stallion. Exclusive on Riding Fantasy as all other videos.

A member writes:
"thanks for your prompt action re my joining your site. i have a feeling that i am going to spend a lot of time at this site. fantastic content, top quality"



Sunday, 2006-09-17

It's pony time again ! (new video)



Thursday, 2006-09-14

This Western saddle and especially the pommel look always nicely polished, without the use of expensive leather wax - Learn more about the secrets of natural saddle care in today's new large gallery....



Tuesday, 2006-09-12

New wild riding video with Kik and Nam - for insiders only !



Thursday, 2006-09-07

Watch this young lady and her nonchalant way of working her gelding into a sweat with the subtle use of leg pressure. (Today's new dressage video from the warming-up arena.)


"Have a good ride, it looks beautiful."


Monday, 2006-09-04

Enjoy this new gallery with dominant mistress Julia on her high-spirited mount !

These high-res pictures show you every detail.



Thursday, 2006-08-31

This one is for connoisseurs ! We travelled with Julia to a friend's nudist place where she rode on two different light coldblood horses - in the nudist way of course.... Everybody knew her professional riding on her own Anglo-Arab, so we couldn't wait to watch how she would handle these completely different kind of horses, and we were once again amazed! In today's new video you can watch her jumping effortlessly from the ground onto Hercules' back - a horse taller than her, then riding a few rounds.


Riding like
the Native Americans!


Sunday, 2006-08-27

A large new gallery with Daeng - the rock hard Thai beach riding lady !



Thursday, 2006-08-24

Two young women nude on the same horse....


Today's new video


Sunday, 2006-08-20

Elena's short galopp through the wood bareback on her Arab - Feel the deep pleasure she takes in it !


Today's new video


Thursday, 2006-08-17

Susanne is back in our newest gallery....




Sunday, 2006-08-13

Julia is galopping her stallion into a sweat (today's new video).



Thursday, 2006-08-10

Enjoy this very hot new gallery with two beautiful young female Chinese riders....



Sunday, 2006-08-06

Join Kik and Nam today with their w-i-l-d riding fun on their ponies (New video episode) !
Wet skirts against horny saddles ;)



Thursday, 2006-08-03

Enjoy today's new large gallery with sexy dressage ladies (Places section).



Creative views on riding !

Sunday, 2006-07-30

Ana in her black nylon skirt and nylon top, chilling the whole time on the pony's comfortable back while giving it various soft orders with her beautiful legs and her heels....
This exquisite 'spurred' video replaces the video from Thursday.


Thursday, 2006-07-27

Watch the first video with Ana on her beige pony. What a beautiful combination !


Monday, 2006-07-24



Hot beach ride, 50 new pictures added today !


Saturday, 2006-07-22

Julia on the jumping course part two added !



Thursday, 2006-07-20

First video with Julia on the "Springfeld" (German for jumping course) today....

Please note:
This video will be online for two days only, then it will be replaced by the second jumping course video.


Monday, 2006-07-17

An unbelievably sexy Elena on Her black Arabian stallion on a cross-country ride through the wood!

Elena is a top rider as we all know, and in today's new episode member's can see that there is no other choice for Her stallion than to obey Her, even if it requires the use of the riding crop.

Click on the picture at the right to watch a very short sample.



Thursday, 2006-07-13

Red light haystack (85 pictures)




Monday, 2006-07-10

A spicy lust for riding, shared by two young women and theirs.


Today's new video


Friday, 2006-07-07

Watch these hot young ladies riding completely in the nude in today's new video!



Monday, 2006-07-03




Today's new gallery shows "Pink Julia" in full gallop on her splendid Anglo-Arab.

If you like a woman's strong arms, thighs, sexy firmness and control....


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