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Thursday, 2006-06-29
TWO new videos with Women at a dressage competition in today's update ('Places' section). One of the videos has no sound, this is why it comes together with another one in the same update. World class female domination for everybody....


Monday, 2006-06-26


Here is the second and final part of the 7 minute video of Julia preparing for her daily ride, where you can enjoy her athletic figure and her confirmed movements.The first two updates with Julia already received some very positive reactions from members. We can't wait watching her giving her horse a good workout!

Friday, 2006-06-23
Yet another update with our popular riding friends K&N.... This time it's a gallery again, as always with LARGE, high-quality pictures! These young horsewomen are 100% natural and you can tell they are enjoying the moment!!


Tuesday, 2006-06-20

Be sure not to miss today's extralong video update.


Julia prepares herself and her Anglo-Arab racehorse for the daily ride.
Saturday, 2006-06-17
A nice new video with Kik and Nam riding on their ponies. If you like cute feet...


Wednesday, 2006-06-14
Watch Verena riding on a little pony in this new hot hot video....

If you click on the picture at the right, you can watch a very short preview scene of it.


Tuesday, 2006-06-13
See a new gallery with Ana and her pony!
And the next update will follow tomorrow!


Thursday, 2006-06-08
Elena and her magnificent black Arabian stallion are entering a 'secret wood' in today's new video....

The aura of a princess.


Monday, 2006-06-05
Today's new large gallery with Daeng features some really cool backwards riding.
And finally, finally collectors can enjoy Daeng's wild riding art as fullscreen movie on DVD! It's called "Daeng Beach Ride" and as usual in high quality.
Watch also the sample clip in our video store. The last chapter of this DVD consists of an intro of Kik and Nam.


Wednesday, 2006-05-31
A new large gallery with European dressage women opens today.


Sunday, 2006-05-28
Kik and Nam decide to squish their sweet butts into one saddle for one CRAZY tandem ride! See four arms and eight legs in tickling action! Some pictures in this new gallery have cult potential. See and you will understand why....


Thursday, 2006-05-25
Natasha and Nicole are riding in the nude in today's new video.

A member and great fan writes:
"Wooow Congratulations Kris [owner of Riding Fantasy]
The stuff you presented the last time looks overwhelming ! I have big
expectations to you and your work. It's great to know we have someone
like you making such high quality stuff being so flexible and
covering as many tastes as imaginable. Keep the good work on !
many greetings, Martin"


Sunday, 2006-05-21
The RidingFantasy.com staff is very excited to introduce its newest exclusive top riding lady: Julia!
She is strong, she is gorgeous. Above all, she is a top rider! And if we say top we mean it. We look forward to many exciting updates with her. Members can meet her and her "Formula 1 Horse" in her first gallery. Videos will follow soon.



Wednesday, 2006-05-17
Ana is having a public fetish fight with her pony!
If you click on the picture at the right, you can see a very short scene of today's new video in the member's area.
(in Quicktime format)


Monday, 2006-05-15
Get a cold drink and join us to watch these fine riding ladies....

Today's new video


Thursday, 2006-05-11
Loia on the beach - a wonderful new gallery!


Monday, 2006-05-08
Watch Elena 'dancing' with her Arabian stallion!
If you click on the picture at the right, you can see a very short scene of today's new episode in the member's area.


Thursday, 2006-05-04
50 great new pictures with DAENG riding hard on the beach!


Monday, 2006-05-01
Now this lady is one very hot rider. She completely controls her sweaty mount with the pitiless language of her thighs and spurs. (Today's new video)


Saturday, 2006-04-29
VIP preview updated again. (Normally the VIP preview updates are not announced here.)


Thursday, 2006-04-27
A new gallery with Agnes today!

"She is soooo hot!"


Tuesday, 2006-04-25
"Warming Up 2" (replacing Warming Up 1) - In todays new episode, the ladies get used to the camera and become more determined...


Monday, 2006-04-24
"Warming Up 1" - This new video will be online for one day only! Tuesday it will be replaced by "Warming Up 2".


Thursday, 2006-04-20



What a lucky saddle. (today's new video)

Monday, 2006-04-17
Today members can watch the first video with our young Thai riding ladies in the mountains! It's called Uphill Ride. Welcome to a new riding fetish experience.


Friday, 2006-04-14
Added 46 large pictures of a cute hottie in jodhpurs and then getting totally naked.


Monday, 2006-04-10
A new riding video with Godess Elena.

Greetings from Nam, Kik and her friends. Enjoy great, action-loaded Thai ridingcult and much more here on Riding Fantasy, every day.


Friday, 2006-04-07
A new large gallery with women at a dressage competition starts today, hot sweaty thighs!


Tuesday, 2006-04-04
New exclusive riding girls Kik and Nam.
- Here is another big step towards what many of us have long been waiting for: Expert riding real life horsegirls, not "models". What this means: These young women are actually professional horseback riders. Their life turns around horses. They have never worked as "models". These exclusive RidingFantasy.com productions show 100% real, inspired horsegirls.
See the first gallery with Kik and Nam today. Intense double riding fun!


Friday, 2006-03-31
Watch today's new video with Ana enjoying a sunny Sunday morning walk in her provocative outfit, side at side with her black pony.


A little note to our (animal-) friends: This site is about beautiful equestrian women and equestrian fantasy. It is not about cruelty. We from RidingFantasy.com are very committed to the well being of the pets that appear during our photo -and video-sessions. They are all either owned by us or by our exclusive models (some of them are accomplished riders taking part in high class riding competitions), so we can assure that the horses are always treated in highest respect and love and well cared for in the most equine-friendly environment, not only during the sessions. Needless to say, no animal has been harmed or hurt in the making of any of our fantasy-productions.


Monday, 2006-03-27
Don't miss these 50 fresh pictures of an energetic Thai woman's beach horseback riding action added today !


Friday, 2006-03-24
Young Spanish horsewomen are discussing last details before it's their turn at the competition.



Monday, 2006-03-20
Watch a princess riding in today's new video.

And there will be not one, but two great new exclusive riders on RidingFantasy.com this month. Wild amazons! Wow !!!
Members get more latest news in the VIP Preview Area.


Thursday, 2006-03-16
Our many fans of Natasha and Nicole have now the chance to see for a limited time this extremely erotic nude double riding gallery in today's update.
After the success of the update from last Monday, we couldn't resist to follow up with this one.


Monday, 2006-03-13
Enjoy these two voluptuous women on horseback in today's new video.


Thursday, 2006-03-09
Watch this new episode with long-legged Verena riding on her pony and putting it in fast trot !

New video today


Monday, 2006-03-06
Today, another 50 uncut pictures of Thai beach riding action are offered to your viewing pleasure.


Thursday, 2006-03-02
Hot thighs lusting after outworn saddles ...
(New gallery)


Monday, 2006-02-27
In this new video, Ana is giving to her pony some basic street education.


Thursday, 2006-02-23
40 new pictures from the dressage ring. See how females control these powerful animals, transforming them to objects of their vanity.


Sunday, 2006-02-19
Ana in a black silky skirt on the little pony.

Today's new gallery, XL-pics!


Thursday, 2006-02-16
Elena (a very sexy and brilliant rider) on her black Arabian stallion. Perfect? Check it out for yourself in today's new video.


Monday, 2006-02-13
Imagine: The sun is high up in the sky, the horses are sweating and the women are sitting deep down in saddle. - Last workout before the dressage competition begins! A Spanish mujer is working out her stallion and gets last instructions from her female mentor.

Today's new backstage video
(Places section)


Thursday, 2006-02-09
See the fire in her eyes and her lust for fast riding on that horseback... Enjoy another 50 new beach riding pictures with Daeng.

"congratulations kris, this woman has attitude!! natural riders like her are the best." (A member)


Monday, 2006-02-06
Nicole in extasy on horseback!
(Today's new video)


Thursday, 2006-02-02
Wearing nothing more than her boots, Petra is offering to your viewing pleasure her refined body from every angle. Oh yeah, and then she gets on her horse again...
This second gallery with her opens today and contains 83 high-resolution pictures.


Monday, 2006-01-30
Watch today's new femdom fantasy video with Ana and her pony!


Thursday, 2006-01-26
Elena so much enjoys her ride, as her mount is completely subordinate to her orders. It could go on forever. Watch her new video today.

Monday, 2006-01-23

Let me introduce you to our new model and expert rider Daeng - She will show natural horseback riding at its best from Thailand. Uncut and exclusive here at RidingFantasy.com!
First gallery of her with 50 pictures today.


Thursday, 2006-01-19A ladies sweaty routine on her well-ridden gelding...
(40 new pictures in the Places Section)


Monday, 2006-01-16
Here is a new gallery with Her Pony Mistress.


Friday, 2006-01-13
A new video with Ana and her pony is starting today in the member's area.
As new videos are added to the member's area, some of the older ones are removed. Still, the entire movies are available in our DVD store.


Monday, 2006-01-09
Agnes in tight boots and jodhpurs takes a good ultra sexy pony ride!! (Today's new gallery, extra large pictures)


Thursday, 2006-01-05
Inhale the atmosphere of equestrian ladies at a riding event.
(New video in the Places section today)


Monday, 2006-01-02

Enjoy a new video with Elena in the member's area.

"For what it is worth, tell Elena that she is a beautiful lady! She is obviously a top horse rider." (A member)


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