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Thursday, 2005-12-29
See our newest Czech beauty Petra on her horse and also showing her perfect body. The first gallery with her opens today and contains 80 high-resolution pictures.

Monday, 2005-12-26

In today's new video, Nicole is taking off her slip while remaining all the time on her horse.



Sunday, 2005-12-25
Happy holidays! Today, Riding Fantasy presents RF7, the first DVD with Ana! Ana has a very personal way to teach both of the ponies. She is very demanding, and she is restlessly giving orders to them in Russian. She trains the ponies from the ground, while her favorite point of command (where she gets onto multiple times) is from their backs, of course.
Table of content: - Let's Go - Back to the Road - To the Clearing - On the Field - Straddling Fun - More Straddling Fun - Slideshow 1 - Slideshow 2 - Slideshow 3.
Includes a full and exciting menu navigation. Duration of the DVD: 45 minutes, price €50.- (shipping included). Find it in our video store.


Wednesday, 2005-12-21
Wow, you will love today's new video with lazy Mistress Ana. I bet you will watch this one at least 4 times in a row!


"Take me back!"


Monday, 2005-12-19
A sweet series with these two ladies hugging each other in today's new gallery (see picture on the right-hand side). And Wednesday will be prime time for a video with Ana riding on Ferr...!




Thursday, 2005-12-15
Ok, now let's look forward to the next episode with Ana, where Ferrari will offer some useful "support" to her lazy domme butt. In the meantime, fabulous, fun-loving Elena is riding in front of our wide-open eyeballs ...


Today's new episode!

A little note to our (animal-) friends: This site is about beautiful equestrian women and equestrian fantasy. It is not about cruelty. We from RidingFantasy.com are very committed to the well being of the pets that appear during our photo -and video-sessions. They are all either owned by us or by our exclusive models (some of them are accomplished riders taking part in high class riding competitions), so we can assure that the horses are always treated in highest respect and love and well cared for in the most equine-friendly environment, not only during the sessions. Needless to say, no animal has been harmed or hurt in the making of any of our fantasy-productions.

Monday, 2005-12-12
Watch the second video of Ana with Ferrari today.



Thursday, 2005-12-08
This vintage cowgirl is spreading her hot thighs on a saddle. See more of her in a new large gallery of the More Models section.


Sunday, 2005-12-04
Wow, this is one of the highlights of this month's updates:

A gallery with Ana on Ferrari! She is like a tiger. (Watch her strong legs!)


Thursday, 2005-12-01
A strong lady with her mount in the dressage ring. (40 images)
In addition, a fun christmas ponyriding gallery has been hidden somewhere in the member's area - will you find it?


The VIP preview in the member's area has also been updated. Get a teeny tiny glimpse of the productions Riding Fantasy did in Thailand during last week!

Wednesday, 2005-11-30
We just returned from South-East Asia this morning where we did several days of intense photo -and video shootings for RidingFantasy.com. Thanks to the new friends and local crew over there who so greatly assisted us. We were and still are overwhelmed by the NATURAL EXPRESSION and skills of real everyday horseback riding ladies there.


Sunday, 2005-11-27
A new video with sexy Elena trotting on her stallion





Tuesday, 2005-11-22
Watch this video with Natasha and Nicole riding completely in the nude ...

Each of our exclusive updates are really completely new. There are are no "rotations" on our site like on many other sites.


Sunday, 2005-11-20
Discover more about Ana in her first gallery - Erotic elegance that will capture your senses ...

Abducting Ferrari ! Where?


Thursday, 2005-11-17
A new video from the dressage pen is awaiting members today.

"I like a lot your new Model. Please, I want to be her pony !!!"
"You have gorgeous girls, beautiful horses ..."


Dressage flavour

Monday, 2005-11-14
RidingFantasy.com proudly presents its new exclusive model Ana (or Anastasia). Watch the first video with her and our pony Ferrari today, where you will see right from the beginning how she is IN FULL CHARGE of Ferrari ...


Thursday, 2005-11-10
Watch another new video of Elena in the member's section today.



Monday, 2005-11-07
A new gallery with photos of Natasha and Nicole riding completely in the nude. See their tender nudity pressing against the smooth saddle!


Magazine-quality photography produced by and only for RidingFantasy.com


Thursday, 2005-11-03
While waiting for their turn during a local riding event, Jane and Jenny have found an efficient way of warming up themselves ...
( 50 new pics)
And that's not all for today. Members can also get a first glimpse of another incredible, yet unpublished female riding model in the VIP preview.


Monday, 2005-10-31
Wow !! Watch this new, action-loaded video clip with Verena on her trotting pony.

Verena = A very beautiful lady with log legs and a skilful rider of small ponies.


Thursday, 2005-10-27
These dressage ladies like to use subtle forces and pressure points in order to control their mounts. (40 new pictures)
The DVD "Elena 1" got some very positive reactions. Read what a customer wrote us this week: "At first I got your DVD and it is just what I expected, just in my taste. I like that a lot, Elena is a very attractive woman, she has a very sexy minidress what I like a lot and even she rides bareback = just my fantasy! Thank you very much for that movie!"
- Thank you!


Sunday, 2005-10-23
Today members can watch the first video clip of famous Elena riding.
Like most of our video clips, each of the Elena video clips will only be online for a limited time, and then be replaced by the next one.
And the first DVD of Elena is now finished - We proudly present RF6 !
From the table of content: - About Elena - Warming Up - Xena - Like a Princess - HER Will - Joy Ride - She's so Funny - At the Lake - Sweet and Sweaty - Epilogue - Slideshow 1 - Slideshow 2.


Friday, 2005-10-21
See another of our exclusive next generation female riders in the VIP preview area of the member's section and you know what we mean by "next level stuff". Yehaa !



Tuesday, 2005-10-18
Today's new gallery features two very attractive Amazons with a horse (47 ultra-sized pics).
The DVD with Elena will be ready for shipping later this week, and there will be a first video excerpt of it in the member's section. In the meantime, check out the other new DVD featuring women on small ponies, if you haven't yet (Video store)... And remember to say hello to the Amazons in the member's area. They are really hot.



Friday, 2005-10-14
Watch this new videoclip of Natasha and Nicole riding side by side ...




Monday, 2005-10-10
Monica in high boots, with her hair like a bird ... together with her horse. You will love this new very nice series in the member's section (59 ultra-sized pics) !




Thursday, 2005-10-06
A new insightful video from a riding competition...



Sunday, 2005-10-02
Members can see a new gallery with Elena skillfully riding on her stallion.
Let you seduce by these very erotic, magazine-quality photos produced by Riding Fantasy ...



Elena, a sexy woman on horseback ...
All in wallpaper format!

Thursday, 2005-09-29
See this latest gallery with two women next to a pasture ...
.... And coming Sunday will be Elena Day again!


Monday, 2005-09-26
See 27 gorgeous new photographs with Agnes in latex and her 'slave pony'.



Friday, 2005-09-23
A new gallery has been added with dressage ladies riding in the morning. They have a long day ahead of them with their beasts (Places section).
And the video with Elena (RF6) is now at our editor and he told us it will be ready on DVD at the end of October, maybe earlier.
RF5 is ready since Tuesday.


Tuesday, 2005-09-20
Riding Fantasy proudly presents the new DVD RF5, a real bargain for RC fans with full menu navigation!
Three graces on three different ponies at three different locations.
(more in our refurbished video store ...)

Visit our video store!



Erotic pony riding

To celebrate the new DVD, another new gallery of Verena has been added to the member's area today.

Saturday, 2005-09-17
We visited the pyramids with our cameras, not for the mummies, but for the riding ladies! The result is now available, only here at Riding Fantasy, so enjoy.



Monday, 2005-09-12
Watch this new riding video in the member's section.




Friday, 2005-09-09
Today was added "Hot Passion" to the More Models section. A glamour girl with full buns and breasts on her horse. (29 large pictures)



Monday, 2005-09-05
A new gallery of Elena that will get you hot like crazy! Riding bareback on the shiny coat of her (intact) stallion with her black Lycra skirt and black boots, her attitude, sexyness and riding skills will make you crack ...


All exclusive here at Riding Fantasy.


Friday, 2005-09-02
Members will find a new video of dressage riders behind the scene in the Places Section.
Fasten your seat belts or better: hold the mane!

And watch out for the new DVDs to be released this month/beginning of next monnth, one of them with Elena, the other one with Verena, Sue and Natasha on three different small ponies! During the past few month, Riding Fantasy has established many new strong relationships with skilful, beautiful female riders as well as horse owners from around the globe.
A woman riding nonstop on a little pony for almost an hour, two women galopping on a small horse and many more exciting things to come ...
Since the beginning, our studio has produced more than 65.000 riding photos and 20 hours of video, including custom work and work with male riders, and this is just the beginning. It's never routine, since we always try to improve our skills and watch for new opportunities in order to provide the best for our members.


Monday, 2005-08-29

19 y.o. sweetie riding ! Fresh and tender as a rose at dawn, she rides completely naked on her powerful stallion.
Enjoy this new gallery with extralarge pictures of unparalleled riding fetish, only here at Riding Fantasy.


Saturday, 2005-08-27
50 new pictures of cowgirl Denise.


Tuesday, 2005-08-23


Wow! First, she sharpens her spurs while smoking, then she straddles her small mount.

Watch this newest video update with our hot hot Asian pony rider.

Saturday, 2005-08-20
To cultivate the horse's submissive neck position. To give orders. Here're another 40 new pictures of female equestrian art today.



Monday, 2005-08-15
These two lovely ladies enjoy horseback riding at their farm near Toronto, including some add-ons. See our newest gallery with them.


Thursday, 2005-08-11
Old members remember well the first gallery of "Once Upon a Pony". Also this second part will be online only for a short time.



Monday, 2005-08-08
Watch another exciting new video clip of Natasha and Nicole, replacing the previous one.


nude riding women

Saturday, 2005-08-06
55 new pictures of a sexy ebony cowgirl added today.


Tuesday, 2005-08-02
"She is a dream!"
"WOW WOW!!! Really HOT!"
"What a pretty woman!! Show more of her!!"
Can't get 'nuff of HER?
Here is already another new gallery with Elena, exclusively for the members of RidingFantasy.com.



Another 20 new XXL pictures of Elena added to the member's section today.


Saturday, 2005-07-30
A chubby lady is the star in today's extra long dressage video clip in the member's area. Bet her nag has some heavy duty with her on its back!


Our dressage videos are also available as full-length DVDs. Read what a customer - who buyed every DVD of our store - wrote us this week: "To be short, let me say: Conngratulations, with RF4 you have made another top notch DVD! (...) With both of your dressage-DVDs you have delivered a documentary contribution about the theme "The lady on horseback" or "The energetic equestrienne" or "The severe riding mistress". Every fan of RF shall be highly enthousiastic when watching these DVDs and his fantasy enourmously activated." (translated from German)

... And thanks a lot for the many enthusiastic comments on Elena that have reached us so far!!

Tuesday, 2005-07-26
Our New Exclusive Riding Model:

Elena - A breathtakingly beautiful woman on her horse. No tricks, no glamour, no... These are photos and moving pictures of her REAL life with her 4-legged friend. Riding Fantasy was there for you.

Today is the first update with her.

Become a Member




Thursday, 2005-07-21
Watch these ladies as they ride in the early morning light ...
(40 pictures)


Sign Up Now!

Monday, 2005-07-18
Sign Up Now! It's summertime, and the high season for those wet and slippery inflatable dolphins. This woman shows us some dolphin smoothering basics on the dry. Lucky dolphin! (59 pictures)


Thursday, 2005-07-14
Sign Up Now! Wow!! Discover today how these two young women perform synchronized erotic ballet on horseback ...

(Extra long video)


Sign Up Now!
The videos inside the member's area are much bigger than this preview still.


Sunday, 2005-07-10
28 fabulous new fantasy pics.


We also added a sample gallery of Riding Boy this week for our members, as well as another new exclusive model and real equestrienne in our VIP preview area.
A member from Germany: 'Hallo, wollte nur mal sagen dass eure Site wirklich super ist. Vielen Dank.' (Hi, just wanted to say that your site is really excellent. Thank you.)


Tuesday, 2005-07-05
56 new pictures of Tina in the More Models Section.

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