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Wednesday, 2005-06-29
"Cum watch me !"



Wow ! Natasha is so incredibly hot in this new pony riding video clip, and her pony is so comfy as a seat!

Monday, 2005-06-27
A very beautiful young lady on her brown sub stallion ...



Wednesday, 2005-06-22
Today we have a GREAT DOUBLE UPDATE for you:
Two lesbian riders in a one-of-a-kind gallery! One is the master, the other the slave. You will see them having sex on horseback.

The other update is a nice new gallery with Susanne and her horse.


And there is even more! Members have now access to a new VIP Lounge with sneak previews of as yet unpublished productions by Riding Fantasy.


Friday, 2005-06-17

A blonde woman riding on a toyhorse...


Monday, 2005-06-13
Watch this new video with Natasha and Nicole. These two girls feel so comfortable on their saddles ...



Wednesday, 2005-06-08
A very large new gallery with photos from behind the scenes is waiting for you today (Places section).


50 pictures


Sunday, 2005-06-05
The Riding Fantasy crew just came back from a trip, the pockets full of new riding pictures and riding films. Yummy!

RF already presented Sue a month ago. Today, members can watch the second part of the video with her! The circumstances of Sue riding were somewhat particular (she decided to do it spontaneously when it was already dark), and so is the video - quite trashy, but REAL amateur! (... And forgive our video editor for his overboarding fantasy ;-)


Sue riding


Monday, 2005-05-30
Pressure you can't measure !
In this new gallery, Susanne is pressing the weight of her sweet buns to her pony ...




24 walllpaper-sized pics


Friday, 2005-05-27
Watch a new dressage video in the Places Section...
A member about the last update: 'Finally ! Spurs and panties !'



Monday, 2005-05-23
23 breathtaking new extralarge photographs of Natasha riding on her horse!

See these 'needles' on her ankles? Wow.


Thursday, 2005-05-19
A nice gallery with beautiful Allysin posing inside the barn.


Sunday, 2005-05-15
Ever seen this? In today's new gallery, Susanne finds a new way to use her bed pillow...




Thursday, 2005-05-12
Watch this lady how she's commanding a white stallion with her tools...




Monday, 2005-05-08
She loves latex !!
(31 pictures)



Thursday, 2005-05-05





Thoday's new video makes you almost want to be a saddle...

Monday, 2005-05-02
In today's update, meet these two hot lesbian teens from Bavaria amongst a herd of ponies! (65 pictures)


Friday, 2005-04-29





Watch our new riding girl Sue, a super sexy German teeny in her 1st video with us!!

Wednesday, 2005-04-27
A new large gallery with women in dressage competitions has been posted today for the enjoyment of our members.


Friday, 2005-04-22





Watch this new video with Natasha and Nicole.

Monday, 2005-04-18
Wow! With the second part of 'Candid Blue', this spring continues to be really hot ... And this summer, temperatures will rise even more ... Be warned or you will get BURNED inside the member's area, so HOT things are awaiting you! :)



Friday, 2005-04-15
After Diana's heavenly pony ride, this Riding Fantasy Week continues with spurs, in a new video clip from the dressage ring.


Tuesday, 2005-04-12

Diana is riding, riding and riding ...
Watch this new video "Heavenly Ride" in the member's area today! It's a hammer!


Friday, 2005-04-08
A hot new gallery with Lucy outdoors (54 pictures).


... And check out our brand-new sister site Riding Boy - The first fetish site with 100% HOT MALE horseback riding!


Thuesday, 2005-04-05
This new gallery is called 'Candid Blue' and is full of spring and Susanne's full bums...




Thursday, 2005-03-31
Welcome to a new large gallery with women doing hard equestrian winter sports, plus some charming riding scenes, all wallpaper-sized.

And today we launch our NEWEST DVD:
"Women in Dressage 2 (RF4)", 90 minutes of dressage riding on its pure state.
For a limited time, this great DVD is available at a special low price.

Check it out here. (German/Deutsch: here)


Monay, 2005-03-28
This woman is digging like a steam engine her spurs into the horse's flanks. Come in and feel the heat! (New video in the Places Section)



Friday, 2005-03-25
Today, you can watch this new video with two charming young ladies riding on their powerful mounts almost naked.
There are also some updates in the Berkuda Archive, including a woman riding on a tiger.


Monday, 2005-03-21
- Cum and see the last part of our Trilogy "Innocent on Horseback". This 19 y.o. angel is plenty of sensuality, and she looks just great on her bay quarter horse.
- Members will also get a sneak preview of our new exclusive model.
- As Riding Fantasy will show 100% female riders in the future, the galleries with Aaron on his little pony and of other male riders will be permanently removed these days from the member's area, so now it's your last chance to see these pics and vids here at RF.



Thursday, 2005-03-17
Enjoy this huge new gallery of women in the show ring.

A member from Germany: 'ich muss euch loben, die website ist super. macht weiter so!' (A great website, keep the good work going!)


Monday, 2005-03-14
Here's another update for the fans of Agnès our riding domme (35 pictures).


Thursday, 2005-03-10
A sexy Asian teen at the barn, more than ready for a ride...



Monday, 2005-03-07
Verena and the chestnut pony fit so nicely... come and see this new series with extra-large, crystal-clear photographs!


Thursday, 2005-03-03
Watch this new video clip with women in dressage competitions and some views behind the scenes ...


Monday, 2005-02-28
Watch topless Nicole in blue-jeans as she rides on her horse. You will feel the passion of the cameraman filming these moments... Riding Fantasy is produced by real riding fetish enthusiasts.


Thursday, 2005-02-24
Equestrian wintersport by ladies: This is the theme of today's new exclusive gallery in the Places Section. Enjoy the exciting mixture of female control, subordinated beasts and high-tech equipment.


Sunday, 2005-02-20
Wow! Verena and the pony have again a wild creaming ride! Enjoy this new extra-large video clip, only here at Riding Fantasy, the unique place four REAL pony -and horse riding fetish.



Friday, 2005-02-18
Hurray! Riding Fantasy just completed its move to an upgraded, super-fast server !! The member's area is up again. All members can login as usual and enjoy the added speed! :)
Watch another new gallery with this 19 y.o. "innocent on horseback".
A member from Finland: 'Ihe girl in "innocent on horseback" is a real cutie. Thanks soooooo much. Are there more pictures of her? Please tell. Your site rocks!'


Monday, 2005-02-14
Here is a new sexy video clip with Nicole trotting her horse...


Thursday, 2005-02-10
Carnival is over? No, here at Riding Fantasy it's just starting! This update is the funniest we ever had. It's been announced in the member's area since quite a while, and here it is... The original Riding Fantasy Horoscope, written for and by riding cult fans, one for each sign of the zodiac! Learn more about yourself...


Monday, 2005-02-07
These dressage women can't get enough...
Watch this new video clip.



Thursday, 2005-02-03
She's just 19 and her smile is so innocent! This is a pure horseback riding gallery with her, and it's only here at RF.




Sunday, 2005-01-30
Watch Susanne and the pony just after they did some extended wrestling . So don't be surprised if they both look a bit exhausted in this new reality-gallery called "A Simple Girl".

Thursday, 2005-01-27
Wow, see this cowgirl's beautiful ass and all. On the horse, her tights cover perfectly the subtle shape of the saddle...

new gallery


Sunday, 2005-01-23
Watch a new and extralong videoclip with Natasha and Nicole riding semi-nude on horseback.

Thursday, 2005-01-20
Top-model Deja Blew is getting photographed in the haystack of our barn.;) And at the end of this week, our cherished members will be able to watch a new episode of Natasha and Nicole riding topless and erotically on horseback.


Sunday, 2005-01-16


Come in and enjoy a new video-clip with Verena on her pony. The image size is extra large as in all the Verena-videos.

Thursday, 2005-01-13
You will find lots of tasty close-ups from the riding arena in today's new video in the members-area. These women love to ride! And this weekend will just be great fun with a new video of Verena on her pony...


Sunday, 2005-01-09
Wow! Intense orgasms are guaranteed with this brand new gallery of Ani riding her pony with spurs. You can see her riding through the fields. Wonderful, crisp images. This is a dream come true, and it is available exclusively to our members today.



Thursday, 2005-01-06
Today's new gallery is called "Big Boobs and Saddle". Ermm... well, this is pretty self-explanatory. (113 pics)


Monday, 2005-01-03
In today's update, riding domme Agnes is going for a public walk with her pony. She's wearing hot jodhpurs and high heels, and when she decides to take a cigarette break, she lets the pony clean her boots.
And for the pleasure of all our members, six of the older videos with Ani and Diana are online again for a limited time.




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