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Friday, 2004-12-31
This wonderful little artwork was sent to us by a friend.
It says: 'Happy new Year!' - LOL many thanks Herbi. Riding Fantasy wishes you and everybody reading this an excellent new year.


Thursday, 2004-12-30
A new large gallery with women in dressage competitions has been posted today for the enjoyment of our members.


Monday, 2004-12-27
In today's new update, you will see two girls who take very much pleasure on an erotic horseback ride. See all the details of these young women's bodies. Feel the sensual pressure of their naked thighs to the saddle.
The photographers who work for Riding Fantasy are dedicated to make your riding dreams come true.



Thursday, 2004-12-23
Watch this very very hot dutch teeny fooling around with her dog on the beach. Then she takes a naked bath outdoor. Over 30 wonderful pics.


Monday, 2004-12-20
Today, our cherished members can enjoy the first gallery of Verena the Gazelle and her pony! Very large, crisp images.


Friday, 2004-12-17
Watch this fat woman as she's leaving the dressage ring on her golden Palomino pony. (new video in the 'Places Section')

A member from the Netherlands: 'I want to say how impressed I am by your mew model. Verena is a very talented rider. Her perfect firm body is always in a well-balanced riding position, and she knows how to move the pony on. Please show more clips of her! '


Monday, 2004-12-13

We from Riding Fantasy are proud to introduce our new exclusive "smallpony-ridinggirl" (SPRG) Verena.

Verena is a young German woman with ultra long legs and smooth, tanned skin.
Only as a member you are able to watch her wild riding on our barn.
The streaming videos of Verena are in XXL format (see left hand).

Today we begin with the first of those videos: "Verena the Gazelle". - Happy ride!!

Thursday, 2004-12-09



After last week's great success with Trisha, we decided to show more of her.
In today's new gallery, you can see Trisha riding naked.
And this weekend you'll be introduced to our new exclusive smallpony-ridinggirl: Verena aka The Gazelle!

Monday, 2004-12-06
In today's new video, you'll watch Natasha riding topless her horse. Some videos in the member's area are continually being replaced by newer ones.

A member from Germany:
'Hallo Kris, meine Mitgliedschaft ist schon vorbei und ich habe leider nicht soviel Zeit für Ihre Seite gefunden, um alles zu sehen. Sie zeigen sehr schöne Fotos auf Ihrer Seite. Das beweist, dass Sie über gute Einfälle und Ideen verfügen, um dem Namen Riding Fantasy gerecht zu werden.
Auch Ihren Models möchte ich ein Kompliment aussprechen sowie Ihnen, der diese ja auch erst entdecken und alles organisieren muss. Ich wünsche Ihnen für die Zukunft alles Gute sowie viele tolle Einfälle und die Möglichkeiten, Ihre Ideen auch optimal umsetzen zu können. Gruss H.'
(- Hello Kris, my membership is already over and unfortunately I did not have enough time to see everything on your site. You are presenting very beautiful photographs. This is the proof why 'Riding Fantasy' is the right name for your site. My compliments to your models and to you. I wish you all the best for the future.)
- Thank you, I will pass your compliments to our models and associates. (Kris)


Thursday, 2004-12-02
Today you can see the first gallery with Trisha. She is riding her horse with a nice western saddle. Then she gets off her yeans...


Monday, 2004-11-29
Remember those dotty skirts? Yep, best worn without panties :P. This ponygirl takes you back to the 70s in today's new gallery.


Friday, 2004-11-26
Forwards, backwards... see the video of this chubby rider on her golden pony !


Sunday, 2004-11-21
Today's new gallery features a beautiful young woman with nothing than her skirt and a pony on a green field. Very sweet and dreamy, not to miss!!
A French member: 'Compliments pour les belles cavalieres et leurs chevaux. Je leur souhaite beaucoup de plaisir en selle.'
(My compliments for the beautiful horsewomen and their mounts. I wish them much pleasure on saddle.)


Wednesday, 2004-11-17
Follow these scenes after the riding teacher finally disappears and the lesson is turning into something more "naked". Our cameraman couldn't be happier... This new video of Natasha and Nicole is replacing the previous one.


Sunday, 2004-11-14
After a long day of hunting and riding in the hot desert, Anita gets off her horse... Her horse also takes a break and lies down...
Enjoy these 24 classy pictures in today's update, exclusively for members.


Thursday, 2004-11-11
A new episode of "Women in Dressage". And don't miss the update of this weekend, with a girl called Anita, a breathtaking series commissioned by RF.


Monday, 2004-11-08
Agnes our cruel domme is teaching her pony to behave in today's new fantasy gallery.



Thursday, 2004-11-04
These two cowgirls are having sex together at the barn. (More models section, 50 pictures).

Very sexy naked and clothed women riding everything from small ponies to large horses (on saddle or bareback), hard riding, romantic riding, dressage riding, male riding, riding in exotic countries, exclusive galleries and videos...
Riding Fantasy has it all!

Sunday, 2004-10-31
Don't miss today's fine new gallery with Natasha on her little pony



Thursday, 2004-10-28
Like these spiky spurs (at right hand)? Today opens a new large exclusive gallery of dressage women.

TicketsClub by Verotel, the new certified merchant of RidingFantasy.com (together with CCBill).

NEW! In addition to joining through CCBill, RidingFantasy.com now offers membership access and billing through TicketsClub by Verotel. This means for you - wherever in the world you are -, that if your credit card is refused by CCBill, chances are that Verotel TicketsClub accepts it, and vice versa.
Our friends in the U.S.
now even have the possibility to join through Verotel TicketsClub 1-900 Telephone billing.
And, as always, you can join RF also by mail, if you prefer.


Monday, 2004-10-25
Today you can see a new video episode with Nicole and Natasha. Only one episode is online at a time, the older one continually being replaced.

A German Member: 'Ich war schon mal Member bei Riding Fantasy und finde diese Seite echt super. Ein ganz großes Kompliment. Jetzt bin ich wieder am überlegen ob ich wieder ein paar Monate nehmen soll. Bei all euren Updates komt man kaum nach! Natasha und Nicole sind Spitze und auch eure 'Triple Riding Girls'.'
(I already have been a member of Riding Fantasy before, and I think it is a really nice site. A big compliment. Now I am thinking again if I want to become a member again for a few month... All your many updates... Natasha and Nicole are GREAT and also your 'Triple Riding Girls'.)


Saturday, 2004-10-23
Don't miss these two blondes posing on their horses in today's new gallery!


Nice seat!

Monday, 2004-10-18
Hot Hot Hot! Two girls in strings are riding on their large horses. 21 high-resolution pictures from paradise.



Thursday, 2004-10-14
A lady is riding her black stallion in this new video clip (2'37")



Thuesday, 2004-10-12
Riding Fantasy presents this very special new gallery with Susanne: "Once Upon a Pony".

Thursday, 2004-10-07
In this new video clip, tender female butts and thighs are slowly gliding back and forth in the comfortable dip of their saddles.


Sunday, 2004-10-03
Natasha and Nicole are riding side-by-side when suddenly they decide to free themselves from their pants... If you are a member, you can see why this magnificent new gallery is called "Strings will Win".

Thursday, 2004-09-30
In today's new gallery, a tall brunette is riding on a toy goat.

Monday, 2004-09-27
Thai Ridinggirl Ani is back. Look at her full ass! It's all red and sweaty after riding bareback the whole afternoon.
Enjoy these 26 photographs of her taken at the end of a beautiful day in September.


Thursday, 2004-09-23
Don't miss this hot new videoclip of "women in dressage" in today's update. (1'20")


Monday, 2004-09-20
Visit this new pony riding gallery today. The name says it all: "Sweet Bun Jockey".

After a year of running this website, and a lot of questions being asked (and always answered), we thought it would be time for a FAQ page. It's now finished! We compiled 40 frequently asked questions in three categories and linked each of these questions to a corresponding answer. Before mailing us any question in the future, you can check from now on the FAQ, and chances are high that you will find there an accurate answer to your question within seconds!
But of course if you have a question or something you can't find in the FAQ, email us and we will get back to you as quickly as usual.


bun on pony


Thursday, 2004-09-16
The new DVD RF #3 "Natasha and Nicole" is now released!
See preview pictures as well as the details in our store!
Ordering is now even easier.
As you can see the RF store has been redesigned. In addition to paying by mail, it is now possible to pay with moneybookers.
Speziell für unsere deutschsprachigen Freunde gibt's den Shop auch auf Deutsch.Today, Members can see a videoclip taken from the DVD. See Natasha riding only with "strings 'n' spurs".

Sunday, 2004-09-12
Enjoy the first gallery with Natasha and Nicole together.
They are riding around on the square to warm up their horses (.... and to heat up themselves of course ;-) - Nicole is wearing blue jeans and cool skater sneakers while Natasha is showing off her sexy, sexy bare legs.


Thursday, 2004-09-09
A new exclusive gallery "Lady Dressage #3" (50 pictures) opens today under 'Horse Shows' in the Places Section.


Sunday, 2004-09-05
Wow, look at her: In today's new gallery, Agnes presses her thighs around the little pony's back as it struggles under her weight. Uaaah! She's wearing white jodhpurs and tall boots.


Thursday, 2004-09-02
Yvonne is posing together with her horse in this new gallery (More Models section).

Comments from Members about Nicole in our last update:
"Wonderful photos of Nicole, almost nude on her saddled
horse! Please, keep on with this theme. A videoclip
with Nicole would be a dream..."

(RidingFantasy: Yes, there will be videoclips of Nicole very soon.... even a DVD. Another of our girls will will occasionally join her ride... guess who?)

"Dear All
a big congratulations to you for your latest update
that is what i call nude riding
the model is good looking and has a nice body
and the horse is big
hope to see some bare back nicole pics in the future
keep it up

Sunday, 2004-08-29
In today's new gallery, Nicole's passing much time on the luxurious saddle of her black beauty.... first in her jeans, then wearing only strings... .


ready for orgasm

Thursday, 2004-08-26
Enjoy a new 1'40" videoclip of a lady in dressage riding in the Places Section.
Just got back from holidays? Back to office and still horny? ;-) Why not extend your vacations with a membership at RidingFantasy.com, (if you haven't)?


Sunday, 2004-08-22
- And here we have: ... Nicole! [Applause] Members can see our new exclusive model in her first gallery, where she is preparing her horse for a ride, then rides on it. Her slender teen-looking body fits so well to the power of the horse! All pictures have wallpaper-size. Nicole in the preview area
Plus there is a new gallery in the Berkuda Archive.



Thursday, 2004-08-19
Enjoy our new gallery today: "Smoking Cowgirl #2".
And this weekend, we will introduce Nicole, our new exclusive ridingmodel. She is 23 but she looks 18!

Sunday, 2004-08-15
Today Natasha is riding on her pony in a new video.


Friday, 2004-08-13
Natasha is making a little pause from her riding and is presenting herself solo as a stable girl in this midweek update, before she will continue her pony ride at the end of this week. Thanks to all members who made encouraging comments regarding Natasha!

Sunday, 2004-08-08
Riding cult just got better today: We are proud to introduce our new exclusive model Natasha. She is a Russian student living in Germany. Today we see how fabulous she looks riding on a little pony. But hold on, this is not all. We just finished editing a new DVD: Women in Dressage 1, 91 minutes with women riding in several dressage competitions. 100% female, 100% new & original and 100% erotic tension! No fillers. Lots of close-ups especially of spurring and nice shots behind the scenes.


Friday, 2004-08-06
In this new gallery, a woman in a luxurious setting is posing nude on a western saddle.
And don't miss this weekend's update with our new model Natasha on a pony!

A member: 'Vielen Dank für die rasche Abwicklung in Sachen Mitgliedschaft. Entschuldigung bitte für mein verspätetes Dankeschön. Eure Site habe ich schon des öfteren besucht. Tolle Bilder, wunderbare Damen!
Besonders Diana (Boots mit Spurs!) und Agnes in ihrem Leder-Outfit sind absolut sexy! Bleibt mir nur noch, Euch viel Erfolg mit Eurer Riding-Site zu wünschen!
Liebe Grüße an Euch alle'

(Thank you for the quick processing of my membership [by mail]. Sorry for being late to thank you. I have often visited your site before. Great pics, wonderful ladies! Especially Diana (boots with spurs!) and Agnes in her leather outfit are absolutely sexy! I can only wish you much success for your riding-site! Cordial greetings to all of you.)


Monday, 2004-08-02
See Susanne in a sexy tight outfit and rubber boots, giving a lesson to her pony.

Thursday, 2004-07-29
A new gallery with lady dressage opens today in the exclusive Places Section of the member's area. These girls LOVE riding their mounts! Members get also a little preview of our two brand-new models, Natasha and Nicole - Wow!

Finally, we are filming lots of different riding-material for you these weeks, and there will be several new titles on DVD released this summer and autumn.


Monday, 2004-07-26
This is a very nice new gallery with Agnes in latex riding on / ordering her little black mount.


Thursday, 2004-07-22
In this new update, members can enjoy the 2nd gallery of the beautiful horsegirl who made her debut here about one month ago. The now complete series of 105 pictures also includes some cute scenes with her dog. (Farmer's Daughter #1 and #2, More Models section)


Sunday, 2004-07-18
See this new exclusive gallery with our Thai riding girl Ani on a pony: "Too Hot Pants". Members won't believe their eyes when they see her firmly curved body in these super-sharp photographs, and how she is pressing her clit against the withers of the pony with the weight of her entire body.


Wednesday, 2004-07-14
Freshly delivered to your desktop from the world's finest ladies dressage competitions: Today starts the first part of a new exclusive series in the Places Section of the member's area (50 pictures). Get your spurs on, ladies!


Friday, 2004-07-09
In this new exclusive gallery, Susanne is trying to squeeze her bare feet into these nice old leather riding boots, but will she succeed? The RF office will be exceptionally closed this weekend, so members can enjoy this weekend's update already now.


Thursday, 2004-07-08
After Claire from last week, Cécile is continuing the blonde horsebabe saga here at Riding Fantasy. In the over 100 pictures of this new gallery, Cécile is showing ALL of her body. You will love her firm round ass!

Sunday, 2004-07-04
Discover the fist gallery with Susanne and the little black pony. In fact it's her "riding debut". Cute scenes!
You'll find the member's area as jam-packed as ever... Plus all of the past video clips with Ani and Diana on the small ponies are online again!!

Nice feeling


Thursday, 2004-07-01
See this hot blonde posing nude with her horse...




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