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Sunday, 2004-06-27
In today's update, Agnès is holding a long red whip highly above the pony and teaches it to pay 100% attention to her. She doesn't allow any distraction to interfere.


Thursday, 2004-06-24
Don't miss this new gallery with the uncut series of an extravagant horsegirl classic.
(More Models: "Stunning Horsegirl")

Monday, 2004-06-21
Riding Fantasy is proud to present its new exclusive model, Susanne, the girl with the loveliest eyes of Switzerland. She is 19, and is apprentice at a tourist office in a village in the Alps. She loves horses and the countryside, and enjoyed very much the two days at our barn. "This was so much fun, especially riding on that little pony. I wish you much success with the pics!" Yes, Susanne is a great model, and you will love her fresh attitude as we do! She performed for a wide range of dominant as well as romantic settings, fulfilling diverse member's requests. Today members can enjoy her first gallery "Romance": 30 wallpaper-sized high class images.


Thursday, 2004-06-17
A beautiful country girl's taking down her clothes in this new gallery...


Sunday, 2004-06-13
Again a superb exclusive gallery that will definitely make you cum if you like pony riding women in long denim jeans. See the fantastic long legs of Agnes in 30 extra large pictures!



Thursday, 2004-06-10
These riders are still enjoying dominating their mounts after the show! Don't miss these exclusive pictures in a new gallery (Places Section).
A member: 'Hallo! Absolut geile Seite!!! Danke,weiter so! Von Ani will ich auch mal geritten werden!!! ;-) Tschüß' --- 'Hello! Absolutely sexy site!!! Thanks, keep it going! I also want to be ridden by Ani!!! ;-) Bye'


Sunday, 2004-06-06
Our sweet Thai model is wearing denim jeans and she enjoys riding on her pony in this new videoclip (Model Section).



Thursday, 2004-06-03
Today an exhibitionistic country girl will pose for our members in a new gallery.



Sunday, 2004-05-30
Model Section: "Red/Black Bra Asian #4" (+25 images)


Thursday, 2004-05-27
Places Section: "Riding Arena #2" (+47 images)



Sunday, 2004-05-23
Model Section: "Get to Know Me #2" (+23 images)


Wednesday, 2004-05-19
In today's new large gallery, you will see a gorgeous amazon with a snake.


Sunday, 2004-05-16
'Please tell me when the pics of Agnes in Jods will be uploaded! I just can't wait to see them! I saw the preview pic in the members area.'
-- Dear Member, you can see them today in the Model Section: "Agnès in Jodhpurs #1"


Thursday, 2004-05-13
See the 5th and last part of our series "English Amazons", now totalling 181 pictures.


Sunday, 2004-05-09
Are you hungry for spurs?
In this new gallery, topless Diana is gliding her dirty spurs and high heels along the flanks of the pony.
Also, the videos Spur Action #1 and #2 are now both online.

Thursday, 2004-05-06
In today's new gallery, you can see how Olivia was enjoying the first warm day of spring: Nude, on the back of her chestnut horse. (Olivia #2)

Sunday, 2004-05-02
Don't miss these secret pictures of three cute girls having lots of fun while riding horseback. Watch what they do behind the closed doors of the riding hall! Triple Riding Girls (75 pictures)

Thursday, 2004-04-29
Do you like riders in white jodhpurs, controlling their mounts with the pressure of their thighs, boots and spurs? Riding Arena #1 is the first part of a new exclusive series of galleries in the Places Section, only here at Riding Fantasy.


Monday, 2004-04-26
Today we introduce our new exclusive riding model Agnès of Switzerland with her first gallery: "Get to know me". We love her, she's very cool. A fetish lady par excellence!



Thursday, 2004-04-22
In their new large gallery, our English Amazons are hard and severe.
If you are from South America or from Eastern Europe and want to join, your credit card may sometimes not be accepted by our billing company CCBill (not our decision). Remember that you can also join by mail, No credit card needed! Just send us an email with "Membership form request" and your full name in the subject line, and you will receive the membership order form.


Poor guy.

Monday, 2004-04-19
Today Diana is using her pony to do some of her acrobatics (Red Girl #2).
Members can also get a preview of our new model.


Thursday, 2004-04-15
Today opens the first gallery with Olivia posing naked on her large horse (26 images)!



Sunday, 2004-04-11
An exceptional new gallery of "Spurs in Dreamland #2" appears today in the member's section: A smooth asian girl is riding barefeet with spurs on a little black pony. You will love these pictures! This is the continuation of one of our most popular series in the large Original Model Section, which constist of 100% unique and never seen before content from our own production.
Two member's comments of this week:
'I really like your site:)'
'Hey jungs, eure seite ist einfach toll, macht weiter so. einer eurer Fans.' ('Hey guys, your site is just great, just go on. one of your fans.')
It is just great to work for this community, and the RF-staff wants to say thanks to everyone. RF is shooting new sets with a hot new girl these days... And last but not least next week RF will launch the new online-videostore!


Wednesday, 2004-04-07
Today our members can see this gorgeous blonde posing together with her black beauty in the woods. This new gallery has a whopping 99 images. Don't miss it.
(More Models: "Busty Tina")


Sunday, 2004-04-04
These guys are though riders! A private collector sold us these astonishing 68 stills of a video he made.


Thursday, 2004-04-01
In today's new gallery "English Amazons #3", a ma'am on horseback is chasing a poor guy.


Monday, 2004-03-29
Today opens a new exclusive gallery of Ani and the black pony in a beautiful scenery in a wood. The water of a little stream is running smoothly around her ankles and the tiny hoofs of the pony. Our photographer was very inventive in finding the most stunning angles of view. If you like romantic pictures of models and animals in best quality, these pictures are a must!


Wednesday, 2004-03-24
It's been quite a while since the last update in the Guest's Stables Section. Today there are two new galleries, "Arty" and "Riding Boys #2", totaling 78 pictures.


Saturday, 2004-03-20
This new video is sensational! Diana's having a nice pleasurable ride on her pony.
("Pony, Pony", Original Model Section)


Wednesday, 2004-03-17
Today our English Amazons continue their cruel exploits in a new gallery. And thanks to a new feature inside the member's area, members can get glimpses of some of the forthcoming updates.

Monday, 2004-03-15
Today you will see handsome Aaron horseback riding.


Wednesday, 2004-03-10
Today appears the first part of an excellent femdom Amazon series (maybe the best one!). Mounted Amazons in sexy outfits chase and abuse their male slave. RF obtained a special license from the photographer in Leeds (UK) to show the whole series with up to four models. (More Models Section)


Sunday, 2004-03-07
Ani's mooning gallery. This new gallery is especially for those members who requested even more "butt" after Ani's last gallery a week ago.
A little reminder: You can also join RF without a Credit Card. More details here.


Thursday, 2004-03-04
"Dolby surround is good, pony surround is better!"
The members who see this new video do know why. Diana clearly controls the pony in this high resolution video clip!



Sunday, 2004-02-29
With her reflecting skirt and the spurs, you can't miss Ani in this new gallery.
The RF-staff worked out arrangements with several new young riding models. In March the first photo shootings are planned with them. More infos will be available soon.


Thursday, 2004-02-26
The videoclip "Spur Action #2" is again online in the Places-section (only until Saturday).
And don't miss these two cowgirls are having a fun catfight in a new gallery.
(More Models-section)

Sunday, 2004-02-22
Enjoy Ani in a new riding gallery today. See how she's pressing her silky thighs around the small pony's back.


Wednesday, 2004-02-18
The first video with Diana! Our members can see her performing an entertaining pole dance and catwalk with the black pony. She's definitely a calendar girl.


Saturday, 2004-02-14
Today members have the pleasure of seeing Diana's sweet expression and her long, sexy legs in her new gallery! The boots have spurs attached.


Tuesday, 2004-02-10
The desert is the harshest environment on Earth, but it is the ideal playground to fool around on horseback. ("More Desert Rides", Berkuda Archive)

Sunday, 2004-02-08
Today our members can see the first gallery of what many of our most sophisticated riding fantasists have a long time asked for: Ani riding the black pony bare feet with spurs! These large pictures are a dream come true.


nice tools!

Thursday, 2004-02-05
This is Mexico! Today the second part of wet beach riding pictures will complete the series which started two weeks ago.


Sunday, 2004-02-01
Cum and discover today Ani's wonderful riding butt in her new gallery. What a sweet load the pony has to carry!


Wednesday, 2004-01-28
A new gallery opens today with a Mexican cowgirl in the More Models Section. She's a very sexy, smoking muchacha with full of "riding appeal".

brilliantly done studio scenes


Saturday, 2004-01-24
In today's update members can see "Let's Play #2" (19 MB video).
A Member: Diana and Ani are both very pretty ladies. Diana is a little nervous to use the spurs effectively, but she looks very sexy when she wears them. She could walk the catwalk as a model. Ani is less nervous and kicks her pony to gain control. But her pony has a mind of its own. The pony would take a lot more notice of her if she wore the spurs. Will Ani be featured spurring her pony. "a member and fan"
RF: Yes, Ani will ride with spurs the black pony. This is great news. There will be several galleries like this very soon, including close ups with the spurs "digged into" the flanks. Some of these special updates are only online for a short time.

Wednesday, 2004-01-21
A "long-time" member brought us his tropical beach riding pictures from his vacations in Mexico. Riding Fantasy will exclusively publish them in two parts. Today, part #1 (69 pictures) appears in the Places Section.

Wet rides


Saturday, 2004-01-17
Today members have the pleasure of seeing Diana on her pony in a new gallery. You will love her jeans, boots & spurs combined with the stunning angles of the high-res shots. Take a glimpse here:

Wednesday, 2004-01-14
A new large gallery in the Guest's Stables for those who love the sensuousness of nude males riding on horseback.

Saturday, 2004-01-10
A new video with Ani is playing today in the Model Section. She's riding all in jeans, charming as always, and trying to control the beast. Well, this pony needs more education, and you'll see this year how our models will teach it.

Wednesday, 2004-01-07
Here's an update for those members who requested more donkey women. You will find them in the Guest's Stables.
A member: I would like to express my satisfaction about your site. You make really great work for us riding cult fans. I hope that Ridingfantasy will develop more and more in the RC area. I like very much Diana - she is really beautiful.

Saturday, 2004-01-03
Diana is playing with her wonderful breasts on her pony in a new gallery in the model section. Large, crystal-clear photographs.



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